By Hannah Bergler

Welcome to Naples, a city steeped in ancient legends, with hidden architectural treasures, and known as the birthplace of pizza. I stayed three weeks in Naples during the summer 2023 and worked at the Fondazione Morra – Nitsch Museo with Erasmus+.
The Fondazione Morra was established in 1996 by the Morra family, with the aim of fostering artistic experimentation and providing a platform for contemporary art practices. Located in the heart of Naples, the foundation’s mission is to support artists, organize exhibitions, and engage with the local community through a diverse range of cultural activities. Fondazione Morra has 3 different museums in Naples: Casa Morra, Nitsch Museo and Associazione Shozo Shimamoto.
Nitsch Museo opened its doors in 2017 and is dedicated to the work of Hermann Nitsch, an artist from Austria, who is known as one of the founders of the “Wiener Aktionismus”. The exhibition is a sort of masterclass by Nitsch, which changes every two years.
Through watching documentaries, talking with the director, and reading books I got to know the artist Hermann Nitsch better. Hermann Nitsch wrote a lot of books in his life and Fondazione Morra published some of them. During my internship I had to scan all the pages of two books and afterwards, I made pdf-documents of them. One book had over 1000 pages, so it felt like a never-ending task. Sometimes it was very hard for me to motivate myself because it was always the same. Normally I don’t prefer this kind of work, but after the stressful school year it was very meditative.

Being alone in such a big city was not always easy, but I made myself a nice time. Naples is full of history and culture that I wasn’t able to see everything. But I have to say that behind all these stunning buildings, there is a lot of trash everywhere. After my work, I always went on a walk through the city center, ate a pizza or visited a museum. From Naples you can visit so many things and on my first weekend, I took a ferry to Procida, a beautiful small island or went on a road trip to the Amalfi coast, where I ate the best lemon pasta I have ever had.
All in all, I can say that I am proud of myself, that I didn’t get hit by a motorcycle:), and that I had a good time in Naples – a authentic Italian city with a lot to explore.