By Lisa Handl

As part of the Erasmus program, I decided to take a language course in Split to refresh my skills. I deliberately chose a language course that was taught according to the „callan method“.
The method is as easy to explain as it is to implement – the motto is: talk, talk, talk.
The success of the method results from continuous repetitions. In case you make mistakes, you are made aware of them and you are made to repeat until you master the words or sentences. Simply said: Learning from mistakes.
The English course took place daily from 9 am to 2 pm. I enjoyed being surrounded by so many people, mostly teachers from Italy and France, from the island of La Reunion. The friendly exchange and getting to know their school routine was very interesting.
After an informative learning day, I equally enjoyed the diversity of Split either with the group or alone on foot or by bike. Of course, I didn’t miss any opportunity to use my acquired English skills. The highlight was definitely the English-led yoga class over the rooftops of Split.
The sum of the quality teaching and the numerous opportunities to speak English made the stay a great success all in all. Not only personally, but of course also for my work as a computer science teacher I could take a lot with me, such as:

  • learning the correct way to speak English with the Calland Method
  • confidently using basic vocabulary and grammar;
  • improving my comprehension and listening skills;
  • revising grammar and practising sentence structures;

I am very grateful that I could profit from this course offer.

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