By Anika Bauer, 4HLWa

It was a very cozy start to our fourth school year. After a long and thrilling summer break plus a few days of school in October we got the opportunity to travel to Edinburgh together. 
Upon arrival we were all extremely excited and nervous to meet our host parents. It was a very interesting experience to live with a different family, in a different country, learning about their habits and lifestyle. Even though Scotland is known for its rainy weather we were lucky to experience a bit of sun.  
All things considered our teachers created a great program for this week. We visited the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh Castle and many more beautiful attractions. Our favorite memory is the hike up Arthur’s Seat where we got to see Edinburgh from above. When we weren’t busy attending the language school, we strolled thru Princess Street and shopped for souvenirs.
We’d love to come back to Scotland one day and learn even more about this incredible city. A big thank you goes out to our teachers for this amazing trip to Edinburgh.