By Valentina Feigg, 4HLKa

As part of our cultural trip to Dublin, we spent one day in Belfast (Northern Ireland). There we visited two very interesting exhibitions at the MAC, the Metropolitan Arts Centre.
The MAC in Belfast constantly hosts different exhibitions. Currently, you get to see an interesting dual exhibition featuring Louise Wallace’s „Midnight Feast“ and Sharon Kelly’s „Red-to-Red.“ These two exhibitions offer a variation of styles, themes, and artistic visions, which creates a perfect experience for art enthusiasts.
Louise Wallace’s „Midnight Feast“ invites viewers into a world of imagination. With her exhibition, she tries to portray her garden, or nature in general, in much more detail than artists usually do. Her use of vibrant colors and lots of creativity brings a surreal dream to life. The play between light and shadow creates a sense of depth that draws visitors deeper into each piece of art. The combination of bright, warm light in the room and white walls with a few colorful detailsA as backgrounds suits the art works perfectly. 
Sharon Kelly’s „Red-to-Red“ stands in contrast, presenting a more calm and emotionally charged collection. With her exhibition in the basement of the MAC she depicts the human body in many variations, leaving out the head completely. The art works that she completed in a very short period of time also helped her process her previous miscarriages. Kelly’s use of vibrant red tones supports the depiction of emotion and vulnerability. Each piece radiates an intensity that touches visitors on a personal level. You can feel and see, how much passion and pain were put into these works. The cold light and dark walls in the room support that concept perfectly. 
The MAC has done an exceptional job in curating these exhibitions side by side. The contrast between Wallace’s vivid and playful world and Kelly’s emotionally charged intensity creates a balanced and interesting experience. Some visitors may find the difference abrupt, however this contrast also allows viewers to witness how diverse and varied art can be. Both exhibitions deal with important topics and leave a lot of room for interpretation and thought.
All in all it can be said that these exhibitions are a must-see for people who seek a multi-faceted exploration of contemporary art.