By Katharina Herzog, 4HLKa

On the 28th of November the 4th and 5th year classes, as well as some 3rd years, visited the Orpheum to watch a play called On the Brink. The story of On the Brink takes place in the fictional Republic of Trusavia, where Creon Nanrod, the CEO of the biggest gas and oil company, lives with his niece Antigone. She is always trying her hardest to make the world a better place, so she decides to turn against her uncle’s company and raise awareness about climate change together with other activists. However, their actions start to become more radical and dangerous, not only for their social environment but also for themselves. The play deals with questions like how far you can go to tackle the problem of climate change.
Although the opinions of our class about the play were divided and we would change the abrupt ending, the performance was an enjoyable and informative experience. Even if we have already talked a lot about climate change in class, it was rewarding to get an alternative approach to this topic and view it from different perspectives. What we can take away from this play is that you sometimes need to break rules and make sacrifices when it comes to saving our planet and assuring a safe future for the next generations. Of course, we were also able to improve our English skills further, especially our vocabulary. Therefore, we can recommend this play to other school classes with students around the age of 16.