Von Laura Haas und Helene Heinrauch

On Friday we had arrived in Galway. We slept in a not very clean hostel named “SleepZone”, but it didn’t really matter… In the morning we went downstairs to the kitchen to have our breakfast. This was very funny to us because it wasn’t like in a typical hotel. We had to make our breakfast ourselves. There was toast, jam, Nutella, eggs and cornflakes. Some of us had ham and eggs and some ate milk with cornflakes.
After we had finished eating we went out, the bus was already waiting for us. The plan for this day was to go to the Aran islands. We went by bus to the port and from there we took the ferry.

Before we had a short stop, which was nice, because we had the possibility to take some photos of the beautiful landscape. When we arrived at the sea shore we went directly to the ferry.
About 45 minutes later we arrived at one of the Aran islands, Inismore. There we went to a bike hire shop and everybody took a bike.
We were going to Dun Aonghasa by bike. Being a very big group, we had to wait a few minutes until everybody got a bike. Some of them were a little bit older so they didn’t work very well.
Marco had had an injured leg since a few days before, so he wasn’t allowed to ride his own bike but he had to sit on Sebastian’s bike. It was very hard for them to ride uphill so we had to wait for them a few times.

Some of the others needed some breaks because it was so hot that they had to take off their jackets. Because of these things it took us very long until we arrived at our destination. The last few meters to the perfect view of the cliffs we had to walk.
From the top we had – like they told us – an absolutely amazing view. Luckily our teachers gave us enough time to take photos.
After a short lunch break we went back to our bikes, but we didn’t have to wait for the whole group, we were allowed to go back in small groups. We had some stops at the coast to take photos again and even walked into the sea. Back at the bike hire shop we waited for the others and then we travelled back to Galway by ship and bus. At the end of this long day we went to a restaurant and had a small dinner. I really enjoyed this day and I can absolutely recommend this place if you want to go to Ireland one day.