4HLWc & 4HLWd

It was a great beginning of the schoolyear. We just attended school for a few days after coming back from our summer vacation and internships and then took off for Edinburgh, Scotland. We expected cold and rainy days, but the weather turned out to be quite okay. It was cold, had some rain but also a lot of sunshine. 
Upon arrival we immediately got the chance to walk around Princess Street and get a first impression of the city of Edinburgh before it became highly emotional: We were to meet our host families. Some of us did not want to leave our teachers 😊 but now looking back, it was certainly an adventure and great experience to live with another family in another country, getting a glimpse into a different way of life. We all realized that our homes are much warmer than Scottish homes.

All in all, we had a great program. We went to Portobello Beach, were strolling along the promenade, walked up Calton Hill and enjoyed the view of Edinburgh from the hill. We made a day trip into the Highlands, saw Sterling Castle and walked around Loch Katrin in pouring rain, took part on ghost tours through the city of Edinburgh and of course, attended classes with really great teachers at the language school every day. In our free time we did some shopping for souvenirs for ourselves and our friends and family. 
We really had a great time and we certainly would love to come back to Scotland someday. 
Thanks for the trip together to our teachers!