Von Andrea Scheiber

When I planned my English course in Malta, there was no corona at all. That’s why the actual course was cancelled due to corona. So, I am very glad that I had this wonderful opportunity to do the course in the summer of 2021.
In fact, the classes had a different setting because all the people, who were not fully vaccinated, were staying in their apartment. They could only participate online. In other words, most of the times we were only two in the classroom and the other 8 persons were “with us” via zoom.
The Malta adventure started with a short assessment to make sure that I can make the most out of my Malta-experience. I really enjoyed being surrounded by many people, mostly teachers, from all parts of Europe. In the afternoons I was exploring the island on my own. I got acquainted with many people and was able to practice my spoken English in a private setting too. Besides that, I learned a lot about the people I met.
All in all, the stay in Malta was a huge success for me, not only personally but also for my work as a teacher for economics.

  • I could improve my spoken English.
  • I learned how to motivate students to use English in business subjects and to promote relationships between economics and English.
  • The teacher, Dana, activities me to combine business skills with creativity.
  • I figured out how difficult it is to build up a personal relationship, when you just meet online (and not in person).

The stay in Malta was a tremendous enrichment for me. I can also imagine doing one or two language weeks during my vacations in the future, which I would then finance by myself.
I think Erasmus+ definitely offers great lifelong learning opportunities, international exchanges and the acquisition of skills to facilitate communication and teamwork. I am very grateful that I was able to take advantage of this offer.

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