Julia Pacher

This summer I got the chance to so an internship abroad, so I chose to go to Malta for six weeks.
The first week I tried to explore Malta and get to know the country a little bit better by going to different cities, trying their food and learning more about Malta. Malta is not very big, so it was very doable within a week. It has a lot of beautiful churches, interesting museums and good food. But my favorite spot was a park: Upper Barrakka Garden in Valletta. It is very pretty with a lot of trees, which means you are able to sit in the shade, which is kind of rare. A cafe in case you get hungry and the view is amazing. There are many monuments in the park as well and twice per day they shoot a cannon. Back in the day they used to inform others about the time like that because nobody had a watch. I think it is really fascinating that they still do a 200-year-old ritual.

I worked at the Hypogeum, an underground museum that has a lot of history. It is a really fascinating place, so I was truly excited that I was allowed to do the tours by myself. The museum is completely made out of stone, which means that the people back then had to carve every chamber by hand. Also, they used red ocher for wall paintings like hexagons, circles and even checkerboard design.

They found a lot of statuettes, but most of them were already destroyed when they were found. The most famous one is: The Sleeping Lady, which is literally a woman that sleeps. My coworkers were very nice as well. They told me a lot about Malta and I really had the chance to get to know them better. One of them even learned German a couple years ago, so she sometimes tried to talk in German, which was very entertaining.

But even after work I had the opportunity to go to the capital city, Valletta, and walk around for a while.
Whenever I did not have to work, I tried to go to another city, which was always very easy because their bus system is almost as good as ours. Each city has something different to offer and if you want to go swimming, there’s almost a beach in every city. Close to my apartment was a beach as well and people love to go there after work. The water was very clear and refreshingly cold, because the temperature outside was ~ 40° every day.
In conclusion I can say that doing an internship with the ERASMUS+ program is totally worth it and I can just recommend doing it when you get the chance. It is an amazing opportunity and you would not want to miss it for the world!

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